Warning! The laws regarding the trade of hemp seeds changes on a country-by-country basis. It is because of this that we request that you check with local laws where applicable.

In some countries the trade of hemp seeds can be done without a licence that allows for industrial hemp use or medical purposes. In this case it can be permitted to import and export hemp seeds. If this is the case please bring it to the authorities and our attention.

In some countries it is permissible to grow cannabis for industrial and medical purpose. We believe in the principal of using cannabis for alleviating stress and pain. It is this principal that is more important to us that outdated laws. Rokerij seeds are torn between the conflict of law and morality with regards to this matter. However, we will not break the laws of certain countries. Even though we feel obliged to according to universal laws, Help people.

We will deliver our seeds with the belief that they will not be re-traded by third parties in order to deceive local laws. Rokerij seeds do not wish to place any one in the way of local laws. Anyone buying our seeds is personally responsible for his/her actions, even with regards to third pary selling of our product. We cannot be liable for third parties counteracting our policies.

As a client of our websiteshop you are entitled to the following:
It is illegal for Rokerij Seeds to trade with the following countries: U.S.A., Australia, most of Asia, Luxembourg, Norway and every other country where cannabis seeds are illegal.

Rokerij Seeds have not given permission to any third party retailers to distribute our seeds to countries where it is illegal to trade in cannabis seeds


Privacy policy

This web site contains content about marijuana and growing medicinal herb. Unfortunately, regulation and implementation in respect of hemp seed often differ from country to country. Please take the time to learn the laws in your area. We dispatch our seeds with the reservation that they with the law. Rokerij Seeds does not accept responsibility for individuals failing to comply with local laws. Thanks for visiting